[Undergraduate] Application For On-Campus Dorm Swapping For Fall Semester 2023

Dear Students,

Applications for on-campus dorm swapping for undergraduate students are beginning soon.

Applicant Eligibility: Undergraduate students currently residing on on-campus dorms (excluding BOT Prince House residents)

Application Time: 10:00 AM, Aug. 28, 2023 (Mon.) to 5:00 PM, Dec. 29, 2023 (Fri.)(Late applications will not be accepted)

Application Website: https://ppt.cc/fjVitx

Application Process:

  • Please find another student to exchange with you.
  • Both parties must first apply online.
  • Both parties must inform their current dorm director; both dorm directors will confirm your intent to exchange in the system.
  • After both dorm directors have confirmed, both parties must bring their student IDs to the Student Housing Service Division to confirm transfer and accommodation fee difference. 
  • After completion of the above procedure, both parties must move to their new dorms and check in within 7 days.
  • Important:

  • A student may only transfer dorms once a semester.
  • Because students on the waiting list are still being allocated to dorms, students may not transfer to empty spaces in other dorms.
  • BOT Prince House residents may not transfer with on-campus dorm residents.
  • Freshmen dorm (Men 1st Dorm and Freshman Women Dorm) residents may only exchange with other freshmen in higher-year dorms. They may not exchange with other higher-year students.
  • Students can use the platform of changing accommodation to  find another student to exchange the dorm. Link: https://osa_dorm.ntu.edu.tw/en/DormApplicationWithdrawExchange/PlatformofChangingAccomodation.
  • If you have any inquiries please contact Ms. Cheng: fanting0310@ntu.edu.tw or (02)3366-2266.


Best Regards

Student Housing Service Division

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